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The newest sound in the music scene is electronica. From pop stars to rock stars, electronica influences them all. And while you might picture glow sticks, neon lights, and rave parties when you hear the word electronica, these hot new acts are setting a new musical trend.

Check out today’s hottest electronica acts and explore this new genre of music.

Ross From Friends

The callback to one of TV history’s most famous characters just hammers home the nostalgia you’ll feel when you hear a track by Ross From Friends. Actually, this DJ’s real name is Felix Weatherhall, and he is quickly becoming one of the most popular electronica acts online. As one of the leading DJs in the lo-fi scene, Ross From Friends creates atmospheric, soft tunes.

Olafur Arnalds

This Icelandic multi-instrumentalist creates what can only be described as the perfect soundtrack for a rainy day. Mixing strings and piano with lo-fi beats, Arnalds creates soft, melodic tunes that soothe the soul. Arnalds used to tour with Sigur Ros, an Icelandic avant-rock band. These tours may have influenced Arnald’s love for ambient sounds.

John Hopkins

John Hopkins started his career by playing the keyboards for Imogen Heap. When you listen to his music, you can clearly see the influence. Elegant is the word that comes to mind when you hear his music. He is a master at mixing a pleasing melody with a strange, unsettling ambiance. His downtempo arrangements can bring to mind an introspective scene you would see in a movie.

Floating Points

Floating Points is the stage name of English electronic musician Sam Shepherd, PhD. Yes, he has a PhD in neuroscience. This probably helped him create music that seems to massage the senses. Floating Points is known for his mix of ambient sounds with a more upbeat tempo in most of his tracks. According to Andy Kellman of AllMusic, Floating Points’ debut album Elaenia, is “fated to become one of those albums that inspires ritualistic listening parties held by small groups of audiophiles.” This is true for his entire discography.

Sleek Bleeps

With only 3 songs in their discography, we have yet to see more of Sleek Bleeps. However, their catchy tunes and smooth beats instantly make them a fan favorite among electronica dance lovers. In fact, their latest track Heartbreak Hurts came out just two months ago, and already it’s in a host of underground playlists. Sleek Bleeps would be what you’d call electronica lite because of its strong pop influence. Nevertheless, you’re sure to hear more of their tracks whenever you hit the dance floor.

Which of these hot new electronica acts do you want to check out live?