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The New York music scene is a melting pot of different cultures, genres, and innovations. There’s just something so raw and experimental about NYC acts that we can’t help but look to them for the newest trends.

If you’re looking for some new music to add to your playlists, get to know these New York trendsetters.


With dryly amusing lyrics, driving guitars, Bodega is an NYC quintet that’s a mix of influences. They’re a little bit of post-punk, a dash of pop, and a splash of hip-hop. Lyrically, they sing society-shaking deadpan anthems about pretentiousness. Yes, they do embrace how pretentious they appear. It’s so meta that their schtick wouldn’t work if they weren’t from New York.


UNI is so new that they’ve only released two singles so far. However, their minimal discography is more than made up for by their huge band. UNI’s entire look will instantly make you think of glam rock, and that’s kind of the point. The band mixes glam rock influences with a bit of pop. Throw in an entire string quartet for a truly unique, surreal sound, and you have UNI.

The Shacks

New York bands build up a reputation for twisting and mixing musical styles that transcend genres and generations. The Shacks does this so well by combining whispery 80s pop with a bit of 60s Beatles rock and British pop of the 90s. At first listen, you might even think you’re listening to a British band. But no, The Shacks is an all-American trio that knows just how to combine elements from each genre to create a host of swoon-worthy songs.

Trace Mountains

Lovers of lo-fi electronica would no doubt know about Trace Mountains. Trace Mountains proves that autotune is not dead. In fact, it’s alive and kicking if you know how to use it right. Their latest single Where It Goes mixes a skittering drum machine with warped acoustic guitars. Add to that the warbled voice singing about childhood sadness, and you have a recipe for depressing music that New Yorkers seem to love.

Native Sun

The rock scene comes alive with this garage-rock band. While you may say the band has a very strong Weezer influence, there’s just something so new about their sound. Native Sun is a quartet from Brooklyn that has only been around for half a year. During this time, they’ve pretty much behaved the way a rock band would behave. They make loud music, add in snarky lyrics, and then perform with gusto to a small audience.

Delight your ears with these new acts and fall in love with the new genres they’ve created!