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Music Currently Used in the Adult Industry

When you think of porn music, there’s no doubt you’re playing the ubiquitous Porn Groove in your head. It’s that twangy, 1970s-sounding track that’s reminiscent of vintage porn and old school porn actors.

Hardly anyone uses the cheesy Porn Groove anymore unless it’s for a parody. Newer porn movies that cater to younger audiences use music that’s a lot of more soothing. In some cases, music is only very sparingly used to the point where you hardly even hear it at all. In fact, when it comes to the more explicit scenes, there’s dead silence to really highlight the reactions of the actors. After all, if a company is sharing a free porn movie on a tube site, they’re less likely to invest in music rights.

Even though music may not be the highlight of the porn film you’re watching, perhaps this is something you’re just interested in. Let’s say you’re looking for the types of music being used in the adult industry because you want to make your own porn movies or you just love playing porn-themed music in the background. These are the types of music you might find.

Themed Music

Porn will always have specific niches to cater to different preferences. The music they use in these porn movies will be in accordance with the theme. Japanese porn with a jidaigeki twist may use traditional Japanese music with a shamisen. Porn set in raves may feature house, techno, or dubstep music. Porn films set in the Wild West may also employ saloon music featuring a piano. There are even porn films that recreate cheesy 1970s themes, and they still use some of those good old Porn Groove tracks!

Romantic Music

Hardcore porn isn’t for everyone. Some lovers of porn prefer tender, romantic scenes that portray real love and affection between the actors onscreen. For this type of porn, romantic music is what really sets the mood. Romantic music is usually soft, instrumental music featuring a piano, strings, and sometimes a saxophone. Some porn films even use a single guitar to mimic today’s popular romantic tunes. This type of music helps porn films give off a more sensual feel that caters to those who are romantics at heart.

Lounge Music

Lounge music is often used for porn films with a more casual encounter. Because lounge music is quite chill yet upbeat, it’s a great choice for porn movies that cater to younger audiences. The upbeat feel of lounge music is a lot more fun than romantic music. It can imply that the actors in the film aren’t in a romantic relationship. Instead, it’s just a fun romp between two people, no strings necessarily attached.

Spa Music

Massage porn is a very specific category of porn that has become popular over the years. In these porn movies, one actor plays the customer and another plays the masseuse. During the course of the massage, the masseuse starts getting a little more handsy than usual. While we all know that there’s no professional masseuse in this scenario, it’s still important to give authenticity to the scene. In order to maintain the illusion, there’s usually some soft spa music playing in the background.

Music is hardly ever the highlight of a porn film. However, if you want to create your own porn movie or you just want some sexy background music, this list will surely help!